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Nardine Collier

Bullying In The Workplace

The workplace has greatly changed since I started work at age 16. What was tolerated or considered “just good fun” might now get you into some trouble! Bullying and discrimination in the workplace is now almost ‘zero tolerance’ and Employers need to know what it is, what it isn’t, and take steps to deal with allegations properly if made in their workplace.
So what is bullying? The Fair Work website defines it as follows.

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A Bit More About Mediation In Family Law

Your relationship ends. You want to sort out arrangements for your children and your property. You have tried talking to you ex, but it just ends up in shouting and tears. You just can’t seem to make them understand why you feel the way you do; why you can’t agree to what they want. Maybe you don’t even know what that is! What can you do?

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Workplace Mediation

Joan (not her real name of course) HATES her job. All was well, until she plucked up the courage to ask for a pay-rise. Her boss was abrupt with her and just said no. She was very embarrassed and upset. She felt she wasn’t well regarded, so since then she has only done the bare minimum her job requires.

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