Mediation | Family Law Disputes | Workplace Disbutes

Sometimes a legal dispute can be resolved if the parties to the dispute can get together and talk about it. The best agreements are the ones made together.

However, that is very difficult to achieve if emotions are high, and attempts to have a civil discussion fail because of anger or distress.

Mediation offers a way you and the other person in the dispute, can talk to each other in a structured environment, with a trained mediator helping you to discuss your issues. You will decide together what is discussed with the mediator guiding the process so that is doesn’t fall apart.

The mediator is an impartial third party, and most mediations will be conducted on the basis that what is said during the mediation, is confidential should the issues not be resolved and the matter goes to court.

Mediation is particularly effective in family law disputes. Court proceedings are expensive and take many months, sometimes years to be finalised at great financial and emotional cost. The best outcome for separated parties is to reach agreement about dividing their property. The best outcome for children is their parents reaching agreement about their care.

The best agreements are the ones you make yourself, not ones imposed upon you by a court.

If you are interested in Collier Family Law offering a mediation service please advise us at the time of your initial contact. If we see you as a client then unfortunately we are unable to then offer the mediation.

We also mediate in relation to employment issues – in fact we can mediate any dispute! Contact our friendly team for more information.