Wills & Probates | Collier Family Law


A surprising number of people do not have a will. Having a will is the only way to be sure your family will be provided for after you have gone and that the right people inherit your estate.

Did you know, a divorce, and marriage, can invalidate your will?

Your will needs to be properly drafted, and kept up to date.

We offer competitive rates –

  • $150 for a single will
  • 250 plus GST for two wills ( eg Husband and Wife)
  • We negotiate a reduced rate for family wills ( 3 or more wills within the same family)
  • Pensioner discounts
  • We do your will for free if you are an existing client

Our “diy” Service

Lawyers do cost a lot. One of the reasons is because there is just so much paperwork that has to be produced in the average court case, forms to be filled in, information to be obtained, and so on.

We offer two options:

Total DIY – you are a self- represented litigant but need a bit of a hand to make sure you have filled in everything correctly.

Helping us with your file – we will ask you to do anything to assist in the preparation of your case that can be done by you instead of done by us, at a cost to you. We have found the great majority of clients welcome the opportunity to do what they can to assist with their case. It empowers them and greatly reduces legal fees.